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SURF Students in IMG

IMG is pleased to be hosting 3 students in the inaugual Summer Undergraduate Research at Florida (SURF) program, a 10-week immersive research experience for high-performing undergrads.  The SURF cohort consists of 40 students from 23 universities in 16 states, as well as Puerto Rico. Please welcome:

Chip-Scale MEMS Receivers for Low-Power Wireless Charging

There is an increasing demand for wireless power charging of mobile electronic devices, electric vehicles, biomedical implants and IoT sensor networks. Many of the already available wireless power transmission systems are based on inductive coupling and the size ranges in the cm’s scale, linked to the large surface area requirement. A competing technology is based on an RF approach, with small size chip but impractical power levels of pW to µW, and efficiency close to unity. The alternative working principle that we propose results in a more compact solution that can be reduced to mm’s chip size while producing reasonable output power (1 mW range) at low frequency ranges (50 Hz to 1 kHz).

We have developed an electrodynamic wireless power transmission (EWPT) system that relies on the magnetic-to-mechanic-to electrical conversion from a transmitter to a remote resonator, through electrodynamic transduction. The mechanical motion of a permanent magnet is converted into electrical power, when the magnet is set in motion/rotation, by a time-varying magnetic field, next to the receiver windings.

Camilo Velez and Sheng-Po Fang win the Gator Engineering Attribute Awards

Congratulations to Camilo Velez and Sheng-Po Fang for winning the Gator Engineering Attribute Awards for the 2017-2018 academic year, respectively for creativity and service to the global community. Considered the greatest distinction of any student award given by the UF Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering, the Gator Engineering Attribute Awards are intended to provide an ideal guide for all members of the Gator Engineering community.

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Keisha Castillo-Torres and Nicolas Garraud win SPIE Best Paper Award

Congratulations to Keisha Castillo-Torres and Nicolas Garraud for winning the SPIE ‘Smart Biomedical and Physiological Sensor Technology XIII’ Conference Best Paper Award for their paper titled ‘Investigation of magnetic microdiscs for bacterial pathogen detection’.  Dr. Arnold and Dr. Eric McLamore (ABE Dept.) are co-authors.

Dr. Arnold awarded UFRF Professor for 2016-2019

Prof. David Arnold has been selected by the University of Florida Research Foundation as one of the 34 UFRF Professors for 2016-2019. The recognition goes to faculty who have a distinguished current record of research and a strong research agenda that is likely to lead to continuing distinction in their fields. IMG extends its warmest congratulations!

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