IMG Seminar with Dr Mansy and Dr Khalifa

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Friday, September 16, 2022 - 11:45am to 12:30pm
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Larsen 234

This semester’s inaugural IMG seminar will be this Friday (9/16)  at 11:45 AM. The agenda for this week's seminar is the following:​​ 


  • 11:55 am: Dr.  May Mansy, UF BME on the Learning Assistant Program for better teaching outcomes at UF Biomedical Engineering
  • 12:20 pm: Dr Adam Khalifa, UF ECE on Low-power analog/RF/Mixed-mode ASIC design, miniaturization, wireless powering, etc for Neural Engineering


The seminars will have food (TBD) for the in person meetings in Larsen 234 and we will be charging $2 per person. If you have punch cards from 2019-2020 then you can use those (and should be rewarded for having kept it safe for so long!).

Sign up through the IMG wiki by noon on Wednesday (9/14). MAKE SURE TO SIGN UP PRIOR TO THIS DEADLINE.  The seminar will begin promptly at 11:45, please arrive on time.

Link to food sign-up:



Dr Mansy’s talk should be especially interesting for those who teach here at UF as she has been running a program about better ways of learning for students. This will be her first talk outside of the BME department about the successes of this program.

Dr Khalifa’s talk should be interesting for those who are interested in a new UF ECE faculty who might also join IMG one day


Here is the Zoom link in case you can only attend virtually


Looking forward to seeing you all there!