Wen Sui's Dissertation Defense

PhD Proposal Defense: Cameron Anderson

Dissertation Defense: Austin Vera

IMG Seminar: Dr. Nicholas G. Rudawski, "Scanning/Transmission Electron Microscopy (S/TEM)"

Faysal Hakim's Dissertation Defense

IMG Seminar: Camilo Vélez Cuervo

PhD Proposal Defense – Shaurya Dabas

IMG Seminar by Vernon Crasto - Electrodynamic Wireless Power Transmission to High Performance Rotating Magnet Receivers

PhD Dissertation Defense – Dicheng Mo

PhD Dissertation Defense – Troy Tharpe

Dissertation defense - Hae-In Kim

Proposal Defense - Brittney Freeman

Woosol Lee dissertation defense

Sushant Rassay's PhD. Defense : Scandium-Aluminum-Nitride Nano-Electro-Mechanical Transducers for Integrated Ferroelectric Devices

IMG Seminar wtih Prof. Spyridon Pavlidis from NCSU

Ph.D. Defense: Next-Generation High-Channel-Density Implant-Connector Technology

Dissertation Defense - Carlos Manzanas

IMG Seminar with Dr Mansy and Dr Khalifa

Proposal Defense – Dicheng Mo

Proposal Defense - Troy Tharpe

Proposal defense - Hae-In Kim

Sunghyun Hwang's Proposal Announcement

Proposal Defense - Minh-Chau Le

Dissertation Defense: Paul Chojecki

Dissertation Defense: Aftab Bhanvadia

Proposal Defense - Sushant Rassay

Proposal Defense: Faysal Hakim

Dissertation Defense: Pablo Dopico

Proposal Defense: Austin Vera

Dissertation Defense: Brett Freidkes

Proposal Defense - Noah Ferson

Dissertation Defense: Sara Mills

Dissertation Defense: Connor Smith

Dissertation Defense: Yuzheng Wang

Dissertation Defense: Kartik Sondhi

Dissertation Defense: Haoran Wang

Dissertation Defense: Dingkang Wang

Dissertation Defense: Renuka Bowrothu

Proposal Defence: Paritosh Rustogi

Timothy Clingenpeel's Dissertation Defense

Dissertation Defense - Liang Zhou

Haocheng Zhou Dissertation Defense

IMG Workshop 2 - COMSOL by Camilo

Pablo Dopico Proposal Defense

IMG Workshop - Creating vector images using Inkscape

IMG Workshop - Introduction to Python for research (part 1)

Keisha Castillo-Torres Dissertation Defense

Glen Walters Dissertation Defense

Ph.D. Dissertation Defense - Mayur Ghatge

Proposal Defense: Aftab Bhanvadia

Proposal Defense: Renuka Bowrothu

Dissertation Defense: Todd Schumann

Dissertation Defense: Jose Varillas

Proposal Defense: Mehrdad Ramezani

Proposal Defense: Brett Freidkes

IMG Seminar: Dr. Jennifer Nichols

Dissertation Defense: Nicolas Garraud

IMG Seminar: Dr. Chelsea Simmons and Jacob Amontree

Dissertation Defense: Seahee Hwangbo

Proposal Defense: Kartik Sondhi

Dissertation Defense: Kangfu Chen

IMG Seminar: Mark Yanchisin (EH&S) and Kangfu Chen

Proposal Defense: Connor Smith

IMG Seminar: Camilo Vélez and Cary Kuliasha

Undergraduate Honors Thesis Defense: Ana Covic

IMG Seminar: Haocheng Zhou and Dingkang Wang

Proposal Defense: Yuzheng Wang

IMG Seminar: Dr. Alex Phipps, IMG alumnus

IMG Seminar: Yuzheng Wang and Xiao Jiang

IMG Seminar: Dr. Alexandra Garraud and Todd Schumann

Proposal Defense: Mayur Ghatge

IMG Seminar: Dr. Roozbeh Tabrizian and Mehrdad Ramezani

IMG Seminar: Plate Mechanical Metamaterials- The Thinnest Plates you can Pick Up by Hand

Proposal Defense: Todd Schumann

Dissertation Defense: Camilo Vélez Cuervo

Proposal Defense: Haocheng Zhou

Proposal Defense: Timothy Clingenpeel

Proposal Defense: Kangfu Chen

Dissertation Defense: Jason June

Seminar: Development of Micro/NanoElectrode Arrays and their role in Advancing Human Health

Dissertation Defense: Ashley Jones

Dissertation Defense: Sheng-Po Fang

Dissertation Defense: Xiao Wen

Dissertation Defense: Casey Barnard

Dissertation Defense: Tiffany Reagan

Proposal Defense: Seahee Hwangbo

Proposal Defense: Paul Chojecki

Proposal Defense: Glen Walters

Dissertation Defense: John Rogers

Dissertation Defense: Rob Carroll

Dissertation Defense: Xiaoyang Zhang

IMG Seminar: Monolithic MEMS + Photonic Systems

Proposal Defense: Nicolas Garraud

Proposal Defense: Keisha Castillo-Torres

Proposal Defense: Jose Ignacio Varillas

Dissertation Defense: Abdy Fazeli

Proposal Defense: Sheng-Po Fang

Dissertation Defense: Can Duan

Dissertation Defense: Arian Rahimi

Dissertation Defense: Patrick Lomenzo

Proposal Defense: Camilo Velez

Proposal Defense: Rob Carroll

Multifunctional Smart Mouthguard Platform for Health Monitoring and Intervention for the Internet of Things

IMG Seminar Series: "Using microfluidics for detecting cancer cells in blood" and "Simulation of the interactions between cancer cells and microfluidic devices"

IMG Seminar Series: "Designing Hybrid Microstructures for Wicking Applications" and "Magnetic Assembly and Cross Linking of Nanoparticles for Releasable Magnetic Microstructures"

Dissertation Defense - Chip Patterson

IMG Seminar Series: "An introduction to conventional machining concepts and techniques of common engineering materials" and "A MEMS mirror submerged in liquid for wide-angle scanning"

IMG Seminar Series: Proposal Defense: John Rogers

IMG Seminar Series: Tips for Effective Oral Presentations and The Ins and Outs of the IMG Website

Dissertation Defense: Ololade Oniku

IMG Seminar Series: MIST Center - Innovating More than Moore Technologies for Smart Systems in the IoT Era

IMG Seminar Series: Origins of Asymmetry in Ferroelectric Si:HfO2 Thin Films with TaN Electrodes

IMG Seminar Series: Acoustic Phonons: from Physics to Engineering Applications

Midterm Defense: Chip Patterson

Dissertation Defense: Kirsten Jackson

Proposal Defense: Arian Rahimi

Proposal Defense: Jason June

Proposal Defense: Casey Barnard

Proposal Defense: Xiaoyang Zhang

Dissertation Defense: Shashank Sawant

Dissertation Defense: Victor Tseng

Proposal Defense: Can Duan

Dissertation Defense: Shancy Augustine

Dissertation Defense: David Mills

Proposal Defense: Tiffany Reagan

Dissertation Defense: Daniel Blood

Dissertation Defense : Cheolbok Kim

Proposal Defense - Victor Tseng

Dissertation Defense : Aneesh Koka

Proposal Defense - Daniel Blood

Proposal Defense - Ololade Oniku

Proposal Defense - Cheolbok Kim

Proposal Defense - William (Chip) Patterson

Seminar: Nonlinearities in Resonant Microsensors

Dissertation defense - Pit Fee Jao

Magnetic Microsystems - What? Where? When? Why? How?

IMG Seminar Series: Sub-mm Magnetic Undulators for Photon Generation

Dissertation Defense - Justin Zito

Dissertation Defense - Viswanath Sankar

IMG Seminar Series: Mini workshop for AutoCAD, Solidworks and UF Apps

Dissertation Defense - Amit Gupta

Proposal Defense - Aneesh Koka

IMG Seminar Series: Investigation and mitigation of abiotic factors affecting the reliability of chronic neural implants

Proposal Defense - Shancy Augustine

IMG Seminar Series: Delivering Energy to Surface-Conjugated Biomacromolecules & The IMG wiki

IMG Seminar Series: Magnetic patterning of hard magnetic films for biomagnetic applications

Proposal Defense - Pit Fee Jao

Dissertation Defense - Sean Samuelson

Dissertation Defense - Miguel Palaviccini

Dissertation Defense - Yuan Rao

Proposal Defense - Dylan Alexander

Dissertation Defense - Lin Liu

Dissertation Defense - Nik Zawodny

BEN 230 Microfab Safety Training & Orientation

Proposal Defense - Amit Gupta

Proposal Defense - Shashank Sawant

Proposal Defense - Viswanath Sankar

Dissertation Defense for Brandon Bertolucci

BEN 230 Microfab Safety Training & Orientation

Dissertation Defense: Tai-An Chen

Proposal Defense: Zhi Zhou

Proposal Defense: Xiaoyu Cheng

BEN 230 Microfab Safety Training & Orientation

Dissertation Defense: Jess Meloy

Dissertation Defense: Mehmet Onur Baykan

Dissertation Defense: David E. Senior

Dissertation Defense: Srivatsan Parthasarathy

Dissertation Defense: Antonio Acosta

IMG @ Hilton Head - Reunion Dinner

Proposal Defense: Ashley Jones

Proposal Defense - Sean Samuelson

Dissertation Defense: Jingjing Sun

ECE Seminar: 25 Years of Micro-Fabricated Motors and Generators

Proposal Defense - Mehmet Onur Baykan

Dissertation Defense: Greg Ehlert

Proposal Defense - David Mills

Proposal Defense - Antonio Acosta

Proposal Defense - Haixiong Tang

Dissertation Defense: Chris Meyer

Dissertation Defense: Hongzhi Sun

Dissertation Defense: Shuo Cheng

Dissertation Defense: Andrew Koehler

Dissertation Defense: Hyunwoo Park

Dissertation Defense: Min Chu

Proposal Defense - Justin Zito

Proposal Defense - David Senior

IMG Seminar: NRF capabilities and recent tool acquisitions

IMG Seminar: Interface and Filler Morphology Control for Enhancement of Multifunctional Materials

IMG Seminar: A Process for Fabricating Robust Electrothermal Micromirrors with Customizable Thermal Response Time and Power Consumption

IMG Seminar: Integrated Study of Separation Control; Unsteady Circulation Control for High-Performance Low-Noise Aircraft

IMG Seminar: Improving the magnetic properties of Parylene-bonded NdFeB Powder Micromagnets; Wireless Power Transmission using Electromechanical systems

Thesis Defense - Sagnik Pal

IMG Seminar: Transonic Flow over a Turret; Microfluidic Device for Second Hand Smoke Detection

Proposal Defense - Matias Oyarzun

IMG Seminar: Microscale DBD Plasma Device

IMG Seminar: Understanding Plagiarism and an IMG Website Overview

Dissertation Defense: Jeremy Sells

Dissertation Defense: Matt Williams

Dissertation Proposal: Nik Zawodny

Dissertation Proposal: Miguel Palaviccini

Undergraduate Research Symposium

Dissertation Proposal : Jingjing Sun

Dissertation Defense: Drew Wetzel

ECE Seminar Series: Programmable Self-assembly for Heterogeneous Integration of Microsystems

Dissertation Proposal: Hongzhi Sun

Dissertation Proposal: Chris Meyer

IMG Seminar: Capacitive shear stress sensor and its interface circuitry

Electromechanical inductor for power converter applications

IMG Seminar: Two-Axis Scanning Micromirror Based on A Tilt-and-Lateral Shift-Free Piezoelectric Actuator

IMG Seminar: CMOS-MEMS inertial measurement unit (IMU)

IMG Seminar: Capabilities and Applications of Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV)

IMG Seminar: Beamforming Fundamentals and Practical Applications

IMG Seminar: Laser Displacement Sensor Tutorial

IMG Seminar: Rapid prototyping capabilities of Mydea Technologies

IMG Seminar: Surface Micromachined Multilayer Composite right/left Handed Metamaterial for Highly Compact RF Circuits

IMG Seminar: A High Gain Circular Polarization Antenna using Metamaterial Slabs

IMG Seminar: Spatially Controlled Electrospun Solid Gradient Aligned Nanofiber Tissue Scaffold for Guided Spiral Ganglion Neuron Culture

Dissertation Proposal: Brandon Bertolucci

IMG Seminar: Wireless Driven and Battery-free SAW Microsensor and its Application

IMG Seminar: LabVIEW Programming: Reusable, Reliable, Readable

MAE Seminar: Microfluidics and Enabling Components

IMG Seminar: An Input-powered AC/DC Converter with Zero Standby Power for Energy Harvesting Applications

Proposal defense: Shuo Cheng

IMG Seminar: Overview of Micropillar Shear Stress Sensors

IMG Seminar: An Introduction to the New IMG Webpage

IMG Seminar: Microvalve on Plastic Microfluidic Device

Dissertation Defense: Erin Patrick

IMG Seminar: Special measurement techniques

Dissertation Defense: Alex Phipps

IMG Seminar: Object Oriented Programming in MATLAB (And How it Will Make Your Lumped Element Models Better)