Mohammad Malakooti and Hunter Spears Place Second in Scientific Art Contest

Mohammad Malakooti and Hunter Spears of Dr. Henry Sodano's research group won the second place prize in the Florida Museum of Natural History's "The Elegance of Science" competition for their piece, titled "Nickel Nanoforest". Their artwork illustrated the resemblance between vertically aligned PZT (Lead Zirconate Titanate) nanowires electroplated with nickel nanoparticles and natural forest formations, as viewed from a scanning electron microscope. The competition aims to promote artistic creativity through the use of scientific research findings.

This artwork and all the entries can be viewed here:


IMG Faculty Help Launch the NSF MIST Center

The NSF Multi-functional Integrated System Technology Center (MIST Center) held it’s Kickoff Meeting on Dec. 11-12, 2014. Led by IMG faculty Dr. Nishida and Dr. Arnold, and in partnership with UCF, the mission of the MIST Center is to facilitate integration of novel materials, processes, devices, and circuits into multi-functional systems through research partnerships between university, industry, and government stakeholders. With inaugural membership from eight organizations, the MIST Center selected 8 projects (6 at UF and 2 at UCF) to be conducted during 2015. The UF projects are:

  • Directed Nanoparticle Assembly by Electrophoretic Deposition (PI: Dr. Arnold)
  • Laser Micromachining of 3-D Miniature Parts in Hard Materials (PI: Dr. Sheplak)
  • Technology Development for Harsh Environment Microsensors (PI: Dr. Sheplak)
  • High-Performance CoPt Micromagnets (PI: Dr. Arnold)
  • Compact Array Antennas with High Gain, Power Efficiency, and EMI Immunity in a System-in-Package Platform (PI: Dr. Yoon)
  • Ferroelectric HfO2 for Energy Storage and Non-volatile Memory Applications (PI: Dr. Nishida)

Dr. Moghaddam Received $1M Grant from the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy - DOE

For development of innovative building efficiency technologies. 
University of Florida is one of the two academic institutions that has received funding under this program as a primary awardee. 
The project is among 7 selected technologies with potential to dramatically reduce energy consumption in buildings. In 2013, energy consumption in buildings accounted for nearly 40 percent of all energy use in the U.S., an estimated cost of $413 billion.  
In the annoncement, Kathleen Hogan, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency stated that “These innovative approaches will improve smart-building technologies, including lighting, lighting controls, highly insulated walls and windows, as well as increase efficiency measures that complement a building’s entire energy management system.”
Further details about the announcement can be found here.

Launch of MIST Center

--Innovating More than Moore technologies for smart systems in the Internet of Things era--
We are pleased to announce a new NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (I/UCRC) in Multi-functional Integrated System Technology.  The MIST Center is led at UF under the direction of Dr. Toshi Nishida, with a strong partnership with UCF.
The mission of the MIST Center is to facilitate integration of novel materials, processes, devices, and circuits into multi-functional systems through research partnerships between university, industry, and government stakeholders
The MIST Center Kickoff Meeting will be held December 11-12 in Gainesville, Florida. 
It was the support from industry and government partners, our MIST faculty, and students that made this new venture possible.
                                          -- Toshi Nishida, MIST Center Director

Daniel Blood part of team awarded $25,000 for winning the UF Big Idea Business Plan Competition

Daniel Blood, Rob Damitz and Erica Gonzaga, co-founders of aqUV, developed a portable water purification device that uses ultraviolet light to sterilize water were awarded $25,000 for winning the UF Big Idea Business Plan Competition.   More information can be found here.

Aneesh Koka and Dr. Henry Sodano Win ASME Best Paper Award

Aneesh Koka and Dr. Henry A. Sodano have won the ASME Best Paper Award in Material Systems for their research article on "High-sensitivity Accelerometer Composed of Ultra-long Barium Titanate Nanowire Arrays" that was published in Nature Communications.  The ASME Aerospace Division presents two awards annually: Best Paper in Structures and Best Paper in Material Systems selected from all journal articles published in 2013.  Aneesh and Dr. Sodano's published article was chosen as the best paper in material systems for the year 2013.

Sheng-Po Fang receives Grand Prize in Materials Processing Student Poster Award

Sheng-Po Fang, a PhD student in Dr. YK Yoon's group, has been selected by the Florida Chapter of the American Vacuum Society and Florida Society for Microscopy as the 2014 recipient of the Grand Prize in Materials Processing Student Poster Award. This annual award is used to recognize students who meet exemplary academic achievement and contributions to the community.