UF Team Wins 2nd Place at Global Youth Innovation Festival 2015

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The UF Smart Mouthguard team won 2nd place in the International Contest of Global Youth Innovation Festival 2015.

The Global Youth Innovation Festival is an international competition for college students to promote the innovative spirits of youth, to construct collaboration platforms, and to increase applications. More than 120 teams participated in the contest and 12 finalist teams from 6 countries were invited to the finals held in Beijing, CN, October 25, 2015. The UF team represented the USA and won 2nd place out of the 12 finalist teams.

The UF team included:

Students: Justin Correll (ECE, Undergrad), Todd Schumann (ECE, Graduate), Sheng-Po Fang (ECE, Graduate)

Advisors: YK Yoon (ECE), Fong Wong (Dentistry)