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IEEE Spectrum Features Low-power LiDAR-based MEMS Sensor from IMG

Check out this research performed by IMG member Dingkang Wang and former IMG professor Dr. Huikai Xie featured in IEEE Spectrum! Their LiDAR-based sensor made from MEMS mirrors is offered as a low power solution to support the Internet of Things. Excellent work!

IMG Members Will Be Presenting 11 Papers at the 33rd IEEE MEMS 2020 Conference in Vancouver, Canada!

Congratulations to the students and researchers from IMG who were accepted to present at the 33rd IEEE MEMS 2020 Conference in Vancouver, Canada! IEEE MEMS is one of the largest conferences for MEMS experts to converge at. Overall, 11 papers from IMG were accepted out of 800+ abstracts submitted worldwide, as seen below:


Dr. David Arnold’s Group:


UF and IMG were represented at the SPIE Photonic West 2019 in February 2019 in San Francisco, California.

A fiber scanner based on a robust Cu/W bimorph electrothermal MEMS stage (Oral)

Liang Zhou, Zhi Li, Mengyue Liang, Yanping Chen, Xiaoyang Zhang, and Huikai Xie

University of Florida

Development of an electrothermal MEMS mirror based two-photon microscopy probe (Poster)

IMG 2018 Kick-Off Meeting

Congratulations to all of this year's IMG Award recipients, and a special thanks to all those who have contributed to our group. This year's kick-off meeting focused on the future of our group, and making it evident that "our most valuable asset is you". Let us continue working as a team and setting a precedent for research groups all around. 

The IMG Awards recognize outstanding achievements and contributions of student members in our organization. The research award honors the exceptional academic impact the students have made in their field, and the service award acknowledges the hard work the students have put into improving and maintaining the quality of IMG.

  •  Xiao Jiang won the IMG Excellence in Research.
  •  Nicolas Garraud and Richard Rode won the IMG Excellence in Service.

2017 IMG Annual Report

The IMG faculty are pleased to release the IMG annual report for the calendar year 2017. This document is a record of the group activities, achievements and finances for the previous year. You are encouraged to refer to this document if needed.

The 2017 IMG Annual Report can be downloaded here.

IMG Kickoff Meeting

Event date: 
Tue, 08/21/2018 - 11:45am to 1:30pm

With the Fall semester arriving, we will be having our IMG Kickoff Meeting on August 21, 2018 (day before classes start) from 11:45AM to 1:30PM. During this meeting, we'll discuss important IMG updates, introduce new members, recognize our accomplishments over the last year, and present some IMG awards. We may also try to take a group photo, so if you have a IMG polo or t-shirt, please wear it.

Please note, all IMG members are expected to attend this meeting. Pizza and drinks will be provided.

IMG Seminar: Haocheng Zhou and Dingkang Wang

Event date: 
Fri, 03/23/2018 - 11:45am to 12:45pm

This week, the speakers for the IMG Seminar are:

  •  Haocheng Zhou (Dr. Sheplak's group) on MEMS-Based Five-Hole Probe with Optical Pressure Transducers
  •  Dingkang Wang (Dr. Xie's group) on  Integrated Forward-View 2-Axis MEMS Scanner for Compact 3D Lidar

MEMS-Based Five-Hole Probe with Optical Pressure Transducers. This project focuses on a MEMS-based 5HP capable of measuring the localized velocity vector and the static&dynamic pressure in a flow field. By packaging multiple fiber-optic lever MEMS pressure sensors at the probe tip, this new device greatly reduces the settling time and offers higher bandwidth compared to traditional pneumatic 5HP. This talk is mainly about the fabrication process of five pressure transducers on a single die, the probe's hemispheric tip with ~100 µm (OD) holes on the tip surface, and the multi-fiber ferrule for optical packaging. 

Integrated Forward-View 2-Axis MEMS Scanner for Compact 3D Lidar. This project target at the integrated MEMS Scanner for MAV(Micro-air vehicles). The two vertically oriented mirror make forward view scan easy without difficult optical alignment. The weight of this MEMS scanner is only 20 mg, make it possible to be carried by MAV.