An Experimental Investigation of Wing Tip Vortex Attenuation

A detailed study of the effect of blowing from a rounded wing tip on the attenuation of wing tip vortices generated by a NACA0012 semi-span airfoil is being conducted in two wind tunnels at IMG.  The first, the UF Closed Circuit Wind Tunnel, will be used for measuring lift and drag of the airfoil and characterizing the wing tip flowfield using one or more flow measurement techniques such as particle image velocimetry, laser Doppler velocimetry and a fast-response Cobra probe.  The second facility, the UF Aeroacoustic Flow Facility (UFAFF), is an open jet test section wind tunnel inside an anechoic chamber that will be primarily used to characterize the acoustics of the airfoil with far-field microphones and phased acoustic arrays.  Lift and drag will also be measured in the UFAFF to determine the effect, if any, of the differing wind tunnel configurations on aerodynamic performance.

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