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Arian Rahimi Awarded IEEE MTT-S Graduate Fellowship

Arian Rahimi, current IMG member, has been awarded an IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTT-S) Graduate Fellowship for 2016. This fellowship is the highest honor IEEE MTT-S gives to top graduate students recognizing their research activities and promise in the area of microwave engineering. The title of his research proposal is: “Nanotechnology-Inspired Multi-Layer Conductors for High Performance Microwave Passive Components” under supervision of Dr. Y.K. Yoon.

He will be presented with the award during the Student Awards Luncheon at the 2016 IEEE International Microwave Symposium (IMS), San Francisco, CA which will be held May 22-27, 2016. The fellowship includes the financial assistance to the graduate student as well as the travel support to attend the IMS 2016 conference.

UF Team Wins 2nd Place at Global Youth Innovation Festival 2015

The UF Smart Mouthguard team won 2nd place in the International Contest of Global Youth Innovation Festival 2015.

The Global Youth Innovation Festival is an international competition for college students to promote the innovative spirits of youth, to construct collaboration platforms, and to increase applications. More than 120 teams participated in the contest and 12 finalist teams from 6 countries were invited to the finals held in Beijing, CN, October 25, 2015. The UF team represented the USA and won 2nd place out of the 12 finalist teams.

The UF team included:

Students: Justin Correll (ECE, Undergrad), Todd Schumann (ECE, Graduate), Sheng-Po Fang (ECE, Graduate)

Advisors: YK Yoon (ECE), Fong Wong (Dentistry)

Arian Rahimi Awarded IEEE Annual AP-S Doctoral Research Fellowship

Arian Rahimi, current IMG members, have been received the 2015 IEEE Antenna and Propagation Society (AP-S) Doctoral Research Award. The IEEE AP-S awards up to 10 PhD fellowships each year to encourage students to pursue a career in the area of Electromagnetics. The awards are intended to support students involved in project work directed by a faculty member at their institution who is a member of the IEEE Antenna and Propagation Society. The title of his research is: "High Performance Conductor Architectures for Future Communication Systems" under supervision of Dr. Y.K. Yoon.

The award selection is based on creativity and quality of the proposed project, discussion of the technical interests and skills of the student.