Seahee Hwangbo awarded IEEE Annual AP-S Doctoral Research Fellowship

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Seahee Hwangbo, a current IMG member, has received the 2016 IEEE Antenna and Propagation Society (AP-S) Doctoral Research Fellowship Award. The IEEE AP-S awards up to 10 PhD fellowships each year to encourage students to pursue a career in the area of Electromagnetics. The awards are intended to support students involved in project work directed by a faculty member at their institution who is a member of the IEEE Antenna and Propagation Society. The title of her research is: "Millimeter-wave Wireless Interconnects for Intra-/Inter chip Communications using Through Glass Via (TGV) Disc-loaded Antennas in 3D-IC" under the supervision of Dr. Y.K. Yoon.

The award selection is based on creativity and quality of the proposed
project, discussion of the technical interests and skills of the student.