Repeatability study of an electrothermally actuated micromirror

TitleRepeatability study of an electrothermally actuated micromirror
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsPal, S., and H. Xie
Conference NameReliability Physics Symposium, 2009 IEEE International
Conference LocationMontreal, QC
Keywordsbimorph micromirror, electrothermal actuation, electrothermal micromirror, embedded resistive heater, micro-optomechanical devices, microactuators, micromirrors, repeatability

With their large scan range and low drive voltages, electrothermally-actuated micromirrors have great potential in optical biomedical imaging applications, but the repeatability and reliability of such micromirrors are not well understood. This paper reports the conditions for achieving repeatability of the embedded resistive heater and the mirror tilt angle of an electrothermal bimorph micromirror. The upper limit of the actuation voltage that does not degrade the embedded heater performance has been established.