Congratulations to Suhas and Dr. Moghaddam on their International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer Publication!

Congratulations to IMG Member Suhas Tamvada and Dr. Saeed Moghaddam on their recent publication in the International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer!  Titled “On critical heat flux and its evaporation momentum and hydrodynamic limits,” this work explains the underlying physics of critical heat flux and demonstrates that the evaporation limit is the ultimate limit of CHF. Read more about their pioneering work here: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ijheatmasstransfer.2022.123837

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

IMG’ers concluded the semester with a festive White Elephant Gift Exchange Party! Thank you to all who attended and made it a wonderful time. Shoutout to IMG members George Adedokun for the photos, and Shaurya Dabas for the food. Wishing everyone a very joyous and safe holiday season, and a successful new year ahead! 

Congratulations to Chenyu Liang and Dr. Xin Tang on Biomaterials publication! 

Congratulations to IMG Member Chenyu Liang and Dr. Xin Tang on their recent publication in the journal Biomaterials!  Titled “Human cancer cells generate spontaneous calcium transients and intercellular waves that modulate tumor growth,” this work provides evidence that calcium dynamics enables long-distance functional communication in non-excitable cancer cells and offers the potential to modulate calcium signaling for new cancer therapies.

Congratulations to Meisam and Adam (Moghaddam Group) on New Publication!

Congratulations to IMG Members Meisam Habibi Matin and Adam Kriz, and Dr. Saeed Moghaddam on their recent journal publication in Applied Thermal Engineering! Titled “Annular liquid film thermohydraulic and intermittent dryout in microchannel flow boiling,” this work fully resolves the intermittent dryout process in annular liquid film flow and uses interfacial shear stress to predict flow regime transition. Read more about their pioneering work here:  https://doi.org/10.1016/j.applthermaleng.2022.119589

Dr. Evelyn L Hu (Harvard University) Visits UF as Inaugural Distinguished Seminar Series Speaker

We were so honored to have Dr. Evelyn L. Hu from Harvard University as the inaugural speaker for our Distinguished Seminar Series! Dr. Hu presented two talks: “Composing a Life”, a career retrospective, and “Rediscovering Semiconductor Materials: A Focus on Imperfections”, a technical talk. Our IMG faculty and students were so thrilled to meet Dr. Hu, hear her life stories, and learn about her research. Thank you for a wonderful two days, Dr. Hu!

Dr. Arnold, Dr. Feng, and Dr. Bobda Join ECE Leadership

Please join us in welcoming Dr. David Arnold, Dr. Philip Feng, and Dr. Christophe Bobda to the UF Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) leadership!

David Arnold, Associate Chair for Faculty Affairs. Dr. Arnold will assist the chair with T&P/faculty development, space allocations, recruiting, faculty honorifics, and more.

Philip Feng, Associate Chair for Research. Dr. Feng will implement junior faculty mentoring program and establish strategic research initiatives.