Distinguished publication

Congratulations to Suhas and Dr. Moghaddam on their Applied Thermal Engineering publication!

Congratulations to IMG Members Suhas Tamvada and Dr. Saeed Moghaddam on their recent publication in Applied Thermal Engineering! Titled “Data Center energy efficiency enhancement potential of a membrane-assisted phase-change heat sink”, This work demonstrates a new cooling technology which can help decarbonize Data Centers by efficiently cooling electronic chips.

Suhas and Dr. Moghaddam's Influential Work Featured on UF MAE Homepage!

Congratulations to IMG Member Suhas Tamvada and Dr. Saeed Moghaddam on their recent major discovery in nucleate boiling science! As featured on the UF MAE homepage, their research showed it is possible to overcome the limit of hydrodynamic instability to establish a flow condition in which the evaporation momentum limit is the ultimate limit.

IMG Members' NEMS Research Featured as Cover of Applied Physics Letters 1st Issue in 2022

The cover of Applied Physics Letters' first issue of 2022 features the work of IMG members Dr. Jaesung Lee and Prof. Philip Feng and their collaborator. In the article, “Design of strongly nonlinear graphene nanoelectromechanical systems in quantum regime,” the authors show that atomically thin nonlinear nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS) can offer sufficient anharmonicity for quantum NEMS to behave like artificial atoms, thus feasible to enable qubit devices with much smaller footprints than today’s qubit hardware.

IMG Journal Article Selected as Cover for Advanced Engineering Materials December Issue

The recent article titled, "Resolving Mechanical Properties and Morphology Evolution of Free-Standing Ferroelectric Hf0.5Zr0.5O2" targets the accurate extraction of Young's modulus, built-in stress, and crystal morphology change upon release of hafnia-zirconia thin films. Hafnia-zirconia is uniquely positioned to revolutionize nanoscale transducers, allowing for nanomechanical sensors and actuators to be monolithically integrated within CMOS.

IMG Member Richard Rode's Research Featured on Cover of Advanced Materials Interfaces

Congratulations to IMG member Richard Rode, advised by Dr. Saeed Moghaddam, for their latest paper on using graphene oxide as an active membrane in dialysis applications that was featured on the cover of Advanced Materials Interfaces!

Check it out here: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/admi.202001985

IMG Member Mayur Ghatge Publishes Research in Nature Electronics

Soon to graduate PhD member of IMG and Dr. Tabrizian’s research group, Mayur Ghatge, recently published a great paper in Nature Electronics titled, “An Ultrathin Integrated Nanoelectromechanical Transducer Based on Hafnium Zirconium Oxide.” Awesome work Mayur!

Check out his paper here: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41928-019-0305-3

Aneesh Koka's Research Work with Dr. Henry Sodano Published in Nature Communications

Research article by Aneesh Koka and Dr. Henry A. Sodano entitled “High-sensitivity accelerometer composed of ultra-long vertically aligned barium titanate nanowire arrays” has been published recently in Nature Communications. A brief summary of the article is presented as follows

"Aligned piezoelectric nanowires show great promise for sensing applications, however it is yet to be demonstrated that they can be used as an accurate dynamic sensor. Here, Koka and Sodano demonstrate the first synthesis of vertically aligned arrays of ultra-long (~45 µm) barium titanate nanowires and their application as a nano electromechanical system accelerometer that offers high sensitivity"

The article link http://www.nature.com/ncomms/2013/131101/ncomms3682/full/ncomms3682.html

David Arnold and YK Yoon co-author chapter in MEMS Materials and Processes Handbook

Dr. David Arnold and Dr. YK Yoon co-authored a chapter on metal deposition processes in the recently published MEMS Materials and Processes Handbook. With contributions from 35 industrial and academic MEMS researchers worldwide, the handbook provides a comprehensive reference for new materials, known materials, and specific processes for MEMS fabrication.