Congratulations to Tahmid Kaisar and Dr. Feng on Physical Review Letters Publication!

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Congratulations to IMG Ph.D. student, Tahmid Kaisar, and IMG Professor, Dr. Philip Feng, for their research article, “Parametric Frequency Divider Based Ising Machines”, recently published in Physical Review Letters. In this work, they report on a new class of Ising machines (IMs) that rely on coupled parametric frequency dividers (PFDs) as macroscopic artificial spins. They show significantly lower power consumption per spin compared to SHIL-based IMs, making it feasible to accurately solve large-scale combinatorial optimization problems that are impossible to solve using the current von Neumann computing architectures. This IM correctly solves a set of Max-Cut problems while consuming just 600 nanowatts per spin. This power consumption is 2 orders of magnitude lower than the power per spin of state-of-the-art SHIL-based IMs operating in similar frequency ranges.

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