Congratulations to Troy Tharpe and Dr. Tabrizian on Nature Electronics Publication!

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Congratulations to IMG members, Troy Tharpe and Dr. Roozbeh Tabrizian on their recent Nature Electronics publication titled “Nanoelectromechanical resonators for gigahertz frequency control based on hafnia–zirconia–alumina superlattices.”

The article demonstrates how inherently CMOS compatible, atomic layer deposited materials (hafnia, zirconia and alumina) can be used to transduce CMOS monolithic nanoelectromechanical system resonators with wide spectrum coverage, large linear electromechanical coupling, and high quality factors. Additionally, the presented resonators can be switched off to their electromechanical noise floor using a d.c. bias voltage to depolarize the transducers, creating an on/of isolation of 37 dB.

Check out the article at: