Mark Sheplak's Research Group

Dissertation Defense: Daniel Blood

Event date: 
Fri, 06/27/2014 - 5:00pm to 6:00pm

Daniel Blood will defend his dissertation "Simulation, Part Path Correction, and Automated Process Parameter Selection for Ultrashort Pulsed Laser Micromachining of Sapphire" on Friday, June 27 in Larsen 234 at 1:00. Refreshments and drinks will be provided, and all are encouraged to attend.

Daniel Blood part of team awarded $25,000 for winning the UF Big Idea Business Plan Competition

Daniel Blood, Rob Damitz and Erica Gonzaga, co-founders of aqUV, developed a portable water purification device that uses ultraviolet light to sterilize water were awarded $25,000 for winning the UF Big Idea Business Plan Competition.   More information can be found here.

IMG @ Hilton Head 2014

IMG will present six papers at the upcoming Hilton Head Workshop in June 2014 (

  • N. Garraud and D. P. Arnold, “Characterization of the rotational dynamics of magnetic micro-discs in suspension” (poster)
  • J. Li, V. Tseng, and H. Xie, "Wafer-level fabrication of power inductors in silicon for compact dc-dc converters” (poster)
  • D. Mills, T.-A. Chen, and M. Sheplak, “A MEMS optical moiré shear stress sensor for harsh environment applications” (poster)

  • O. D. Oniku, A. Garraud, W. C. Patterson, and D. P. Arnold, “Development and modeling of a micromagnetic imprinting process” (poster)
  • W. C. Patterson, E. E. Shorman, N. Garraud, and D. P. Arnold, “A magnetic microscope for quantitative mapping of the stray fields from magnetic microstructures” (poster)
  • C. Velez, I. Torres-Díaz, O. D. Oniku, L. Maldonado-Camargo, C. Rinaldi, and D. P. Arnold, “Fabrication of Magnetic Microstructures by In Situ Crosslinking of Magnetically Assembled Nanoparticles” (poster)

Proposal Defense - Daniel Blood

Event date: 
Thu, 01/16/2014 - 6:00pm to 6:45pm

Daniel Blood will defend his dissertation proposal "Simulation, Part Path Correction, and Automated Process Parameter Selection for Ultrashort Pulsed Laser Micro-Machining of Sapphire" on Thursday, January 16 in MAE-B 210 at 1:00. Refreshments and drinks will be provided, and all are encouraged to attend.

Ultrashort Pulsed Laser Micromachining of Sapphire Sensors for High Temperature Environments


As engineers seek to design more efficient gas turbines, they require a detailed understanding of fundamental thermal-fluid phenomena, as well as active control methods, in high-temperature environments. The high-temperature requirement is based on the increasing turbine inlet temperatures, which have risen to 1500 C, in combined cycle systems in order to improve turbine peak power and efficiency. The limited survivability of silicon-based MEMS sensors in high-temperature and harsh environments has caused researchers to investigate other materials for high-temperature MEMS-based sensors; more specifically sapphire.


Sapphire’s material properties make its entry into the world of high temperature sensors promising, but it also renders most traditional MEMS manufacturing methods impractical. Sapphire’s chemical inertness does not allow for effective dry or wet etching; consequently, a more effective method of machining the material is necessary. One potential solution is to use laser ablation, or material removal by vaporization due to localized heat input, to pattern the material. Femtosecond and picosecond pulsed lasers have shown the ability to reduce or eliminate the thermal damage issues of longer pulsed lasers. These lasers are classified as ultrashort pulse width because the duration of the pulse is so short that it does not allow for thermal conduction into the crystal lattice of the material.

Proposal Defense - Dylan Alexander

Event date: 
Thu, 04/18/2013 - 12:30pm

Dylan Alexander will defend his dissertation proposal, entitled "Design, reliability-based optimization, and fabrication of a piezoresistive microelectromechanical microphone with back-side contacts for aeroacoustic measurements" at 8:30am on Thursday, April 18th in LAR 234. Refreshments will be provided. 

Per Export Administration Regulations, which apply to the content of the proposal defense (ECCN 9E991), no persons from a designated "terrorist supporting country" is permitted to attend. This includes citizens of Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria.

IMG @ Hilton Head

IMG will be well-represented at the upcoming Hilton Head Workshop in June.  This workshop is the preeminent microsystems meeting in North America, with an acceptance rate of only 46%.  Congratulations to the following authors:

  • J. Meloy, J. Sells, V. Chandrasekharan, J. Griffin, L.N. Cattafesta, D.P. Arnold, and M. Sheplak, “Experimental Verification of a Capacitive Shear Stress Sensor for Low-Speed Wind Tunnel Applications”  (Poster)
  • C.D. Meyer, S.S. Bedair, B.C. Morgan, D.P. Arnold "Ultra-miniaturized power converter modules using micromachined copper scaffolds" (Oral)
  • S. R. Samuelson, and H. Xie, “A Large Piston Displacement MEMS Mirror With Electrothermal Ladder Actuator Arrays for Fourier Transform Spectroscopy Applications” (Poster)
  • V. Tseng, and H. Xie, “A Novel High-Density Capacitor Design and Its Fabrication Technique Based On Selective Etching" (Poster)
  • J.C. Zito, R.J. Durscher, J. Soni, S. Roy, and D. P. Arnold "Mechano-fluidic characterization of microscale dielectric barrier discharge plasma actuators" (Oral)