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Women's History Month: Cameron Anderson

Our second featured member for Women's History Month is Cameron Anderson! An Oakland, NJ native, Cameron joined IMG in the fall of 2020. While working at an energy access startup, she decided to pursue her PhD to enable a career change. Her research focuses on screen-printed flexible electronics, specifically sensors for wearable devices. Cameron is keeping her post-graduation options open, but currently plans to go to industry and continue working with flexible electronics.

Congratulations to Aftab and Dr. Nishida on their Scientific Reports Publication!

Congratulations to IMG Member Aftab Bhanvadia and Dr. Toshikazu Nishida on their recent journal publication, “3D printing of hollow geometries using blocking liquid substitution stereolithography” in Scientific Reports!  This work improves freedom over the 3D printing process by using UV blocking liquids in hollow geometries.  Read more about it here:

Additive microfabrication processes using micro-stereolithography for functional microdevices

The goal of this project is to develop processes that will advance microfabrication technologies using stereolithography as the additive manufacturing (3D printing) method. This project focuses on fabrication of multifunctional devices that are both high resolution (tens of micrometers) and large area (tens of millimeters). The ability to fabricate functional microdevices using 3D printing can enable novel devices in the area of MEMs, sensors, actuators, microrobots, micro-optics, radio frequency, etc.