David Arnold's Research Group

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Group lead: 

Dr. Arnold's Research group specializes in:

  • Micro/nanostructured magnetic materials
  • Magnetic microsystems and electromechanical transducers
  • Biomedical applications of magnetic systems
  • Compact (<100 W) power/energy systems (wireless power, energy harvesting, interface circuits)

This diverse group of researchers and students are participating in projects fabricating new microwave/millimeter wave magnetic materials and components, exploring new wireless charging systems for wearables/implantables, developing new magnetic tools for biomedical exploration, inventing novel magnetoelectric antennas for next-gen communication systems, and deploying IoT systems for enhancing food crop production.



Undergraduate Student Research Assistants - No Positions Available at this time.

Dr. Arnold welcome students from all backgrounds.  Typically, a minimum undergrad GPA of 3.5 is expected.  Positions are initially "volunteer," but will be eagerly converted to paid once competency can be demonstrated and specific goals are defined.  If interested, please email Dr. David Arnold (darnold@ufl.edu) with:

  • position #
  • resume
  • academic transcipt (unofficial)
  • estimated graduation date
  • 1-2 sentence describing grad school/career aspirations


Position #1



Role and Responsibilities

  • TBD


  • Undergraduate student from a science/engineering discipline (ECE, PHYS, MSE or related)

Preferred Skills:

  • Basic knowledge of magnetic fields / coils
  • Experience with electrical testing equipment
  • Experience with MATLAB
  • Experience with COMSOL Multiphysics