Congratulations to Sidharth Sanadhya, Suhas Tamvada, Adam Kriz, and Jackson Sammartino on Recent Accomplishments!

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Congratulations to IMG Students in the Nanostructured Energy Systems Laboratory: Sidharth Sanadhya, Suhas Tamvada, Adam Kriz, and Jackson Sammartino, on their recent awards from the MAE Department! 

  1. Sidharth Sanadhya received the 2024 MAE Best Disseration Award for his thesis, “Thermodynamic Descriptors of Sensible Heat Driven Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation.”
  2. PhD Student, Suhas Tamvada, received the 2024 MAE Graduate Student Research Award in recognition of his significant research accomplishments.
  3. PhD Student, Adam Kriz, received the MAE Bill “Roto” Reuter & Peter Nicholas Outstanding Student Leadership Award for his leadership of the MAE Graduate Student Council. 
  4. Undergraduate Student, Jackson Sammartino, received the Duke Energy Scholarship and recognition for 3rd Place in the MAE Poster Competition.

Congratulations to the Nanostructured Energy Systems Laboratory on their excellence in research and leadership!  We’re glad to have you as part of IMG!