Shear layer time-delay correction using a non-intrusive acoustic point source

TitleShear layer time-delay correction using a non-intrusive acoustic point source
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsBahr, C., N. Zawodny, T. Yardibi, F. Liu, D. Wetzel, B. Bertolucci, and L. Cattafesta
JournalInternational Journal of Aeroacoustics
Date Published9/2011
Keywordsaeroacoustics, beamforming, shear layer correction, wind tunnel testing

Microphone array processing algorithms often assume straight-line source-to-observer wave propagation. However, when the microphone array is placed outside an open-jet test section, the presence of the shear layer refracts the acoustic waves and causes the wave propagation times to vary from a free-space model. With a known source location in space, the propagation time delay can be determined using Amiet’s theoretical method. In this study, the effects of shear layer refraction are examined using a pulsed laser system to generate a plasma point source in space and time for several different test section flow speeds and configurations. An array of microphones is used to measure the pulse signal, allowing for the use of qualitative beamforming and quantitative timing analysis. Results indicate that Amiet’s method properly accounts for planar shear layer refraction time delays within experimental uncertainty. This is true both when the source is in the inviscid core of the open-jet test section, as well as when the source is located in different model wakes of varying complexity. However, the method breaks down where the thin layer assumption fails, such as in the region where the tunnel test section’s open jet interacts with the facility jet collector.

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