Electrodynamic Wireless Power Transmission to a Torsional Receiver

TitleElectrodynamic Wireless Power Transmission to a Torsional Receiver
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsMcEachern, K. M., and D. P. Arnold
Conference NameJournal of Physics: Conference Series
Date Published12/2013
PublisherIOP Publishing
Conference LocationLondon, UK
Keywordselectrodynamic, resonant, torsional, wireless power

This paper presents a wireless power transmission (WPT) concept that uses electrodynamic coupling and torsional motion of a permanent magnet in the receiver. The system is shown to transfer an average power of 3.09 mW (power density equal to 143 μW/cm3) over a distance of 1 cm, an average power of 1.98 mW over a distance of 2 cm, and an average power of 126 μW over a distance of 7 cm. We also demonstrate unaltered power transmission through conductive media, including a human hand and an aluminum plate, highlighting a key advantage of the electrodynamic wireless power transmission approach.