IUTAM Symposium on Flow Control and MEMS

TitleIUTAM Symposium on Flow Control and MEMS
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsMurray, N., Q. Song, L. Cattafesta, and L. Ukeiley
EditorMorrison, J.F., D.M. Birch, and P. Lavoie
Series TitleIUTAM Bookseries
ChapterSurface Pressure Based Estimation for Control

The need for adaptive control methodologies which involve realistically obtainable information is driving the direction of active flow control research. In this work time resolved estimates of the velocity field using a mean-square estimation procedure with the unsteady surface pressure as the condition are presented which highlight the relationships between these quantities. Understanding the causal relationships between the velocity field and the surface pressure, an adaptive control strategy solely based on surface pressure can be developed. To this end Dynamic Stochastic Estimation and System Identification approaches are shown to accurately predict future surface pressures based on their time histories which can then be used to form the basis of a closed loop control strategy.