The Nonlinear Behavior of a Post-Buckled Circular Plate

TitleThe Nonlinear Behavior of a Post-Buckled Circular Plate
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsWilliams, M. D., B. A. Griffin, B. Homeijer, B. V. Sankar, and M. Sheplak
Conference Name6th IEEE Conference on Sensors
Date PublishedOctober

The axisymmetric post-buckling behavior of a circular plate with initial in-plane compression loading is investigated. The von Karman plate equations are solved numerically for a clamped plate and solutions are presented for a range of transverse and in-plane loadings. These solutions can be used to predict the post-buckled behavior of microscale diaphragms. A tradeoff between sensitivity and linearity of post-buckled plates is also discussed.