A Comparison Study of Normal-Incidence Acoustic Impedance Measurements of a Perforate Liner

TitleA Comparison Study of Normal-Incidence Acoustic Impedance Measurements of a Perforate Liner
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsSchultz, T., F. Liu, M. Sheplak, L. Cattafesta, and M. Jones
Conference Name15th AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics conference, AIAA 2009-3301
Date PublishedMay
Conference LocationMiami, FL

The eduction of the acoustic impedance for liner configurations is fundamental to the reduction of noise from modern jet engines. Ultimately, this property must be measured accurately for use in analytical and numerical propagation models of aircraft engine noise. Thus any standardized measurement techniques must be validated by providing reliable and consistent results for different facilities and sample sizes. This paper compares normal-incidence acoustic impedance measurements using the two-microphone method of ten nominally identical individual liner samples from two facilities, namely 50.8 mm and 25.4 mm square waveguides at NASA Langley Research Center and the University of Florida, respectively. The liner chosen for this investigation is a simple single-degree-of-freedom perforate liner with resonance and anti-resonance frequencies near 1.1 kHz and 2.2 kHz, respectively. The results show that the ten measurements have the most variation around the anti-resonance frequency, where statistically significant differences exist between the averaged results from the two facilities. However, when the sample-to-sample variation and the uncertainty of the measurement of each individual sample estimate is taken into account for the data measured at the University of Florida, both data match each other, providing evidence that the size of the present samples does not significantly influence the results away from anti-resonance.