Acoustic energy harvesting using an electromechanical Helmholtz resonator

TitleAcoustic energy harvesting using an electromechanical Helmholtz resonator
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsLiu, F., A. Phipps, S. Horowitz, K. Ngo, L. Cattafesta, T. Nishida, and M. Sheplak
JournalJ. Acoust. Soc. Am.
Date PublishedAPR

This paper presents the development of an acoustic energy harvester using an electromechanical Helmholtz resonator(EMHR). The EMHR consists of an orifice, cavity, and a piezoelectric diaphragm. Acoustic energy is converted to mechanical energy when sound incident on the orifice generates an oscillatory pressure in the cavity, which in turns causes the vibration of the diaphragm. The conversion of acoustic energy to electrical energy is achieved via piezoelectric transduction in the diaphragm of the EMHR. Moreover, the diaphragm is coupled with energy reclamation circuitry to increase the efficiency of the energy conversion. Lumped element modeling of the EMHR is used to provide physical insight into the coupled energy domain dynamics governing the energy reclamation process. The feasibility of acoustic energy reclamation using an EMHR is demonstrated in a plane wave tube for two power converter topologies. The first is comprised of only a rectifier, and the second uses a rectifier connected to a flyback converter to improve load matching. Experimental results indicate that approximately 30 mW of output power is harvested for an incident sound pressure level of 160 dB with a flyback converter. Such power level is sufficient to power a variety of low power electronic devices.