Active Control of Flow-Induced Cavity Oscillations

TitleActive Control of Flow-Induced Cavity Oscillations
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsCattafesta, L., Q. Song, D. Williams, C. W. Rowley, and F. Alvi
JournalProgress in Aerospace Sciences
Date PublishedDEC

A review of active control of flow-induced cavity oscillations is motivated by two factors. First, the search for solutions to the practical problem of suppressing oscillations caused by flow over open cavities has generated significant interest in this area. Second, cavity oscillation control serves as a model problem in the growing multidisciplinary field of flow control. As such, we attempt to summarize recent activities in this area, with emphasis on experimental implementation of open- and closed-loop control approaches. In addition to describing successes, failures, and outstanding issues relevant to cavity oscillations, we highlight the characteristics of the various actuators, flow sensing and measurement, and control methodologies employed to date in order to emphasize the choices, challenges, and potential of flow control in this and other applications, such as impact on store trajectory.