Dynamics of Airfoil Separation Control Using Zero-Net Mass-Flux Forcing

TitleDynamics of Airfoil Separation Control Using Zero-Net Mass-Flux Forcing
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsRaju, R., R. Mittal, and L. Cattafesta
JournalAIAA Journal
Date PublishedDEC

Zero-net mass-?ux jet based control of ?ow separation over a stalled airfoil is examined using numerical simulations. Two-dimensional simulations are carried out for a NACA 4418 airfoil at a chord Reynolds number of 40,000 and angle of attack of 18 deg. Results for the uncontrolled ?ow indicate the presence of three distinct natural time scales in the ?ow corresponding to the shear layer, separation bubble, and wake regions. The natural frequencies are used to select appropriate forcing frequencies, and it is found that forcing frequencies closer to the separation bubble frequency elicit the best response in terms of reduction of separation extent and an improvement in aerodynamic performance. In contrast, higher forcing frequencies closer to the natural shear layer frequency tend to enhance separation. The vortex dynamics and frequency response of ?ow are examined in detail to gain insight into mechanisms underlying the observed behavior.