Development of Compact Electrodynamic Zero-Net Mass-Flux Actuators

TitleDevelopment of Compact Electrodynamic Zero-Net Mass-Flux Actuators
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsAgashe, J., D. P. Arnold, and L. Cattafesta
Conference Name47th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting
Date Published01/2009
Conference LocationOrlando, FL
Other NumbersAIAA Paper 2009-1308

This work presents the systematic modeling, design and fabrication of compact electrodynamic zero-net mass-flux (ZNMF) actuators for flow control applications. The electrodynamic actuation scheme employs a small magnetic assembly and composite diaphragm with a rigid center boss and compliant outer annular region. The magnetic assembly is modeled using a 1-D magnetic circuit approach to predict the magnetic field acting on the driver coils. The composite diaphragm is modeled as a transversely isotropic, clamped plate. An overall system model is obtained by combining previously developed lumped models of the cavity/orifice structures with lumped models for the composite diaphragm and electrodynamic actuation. The complete lumped element model is then used to derive insights regarding performance characteristics and limitations. The model is validated with experimental results for three different actuator configurations. Velocities greater than 35 m/s are achieved over a frequency range 50 Hz