Power for autonomous microsystems

TitlePower for autonomous microsystems
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsMorgan, B. C., S. S. Bedair, C. D. Meyer, L. Xue, C. M. Dougherty, R. Bashirullah, and D. P. Arnold
Conference Name27th Army Science Conf.
Date Published11/2010
Conference LocationOrlando, FL
Other Numbers5 pages

This research is focused on developing mm-scale power converters for emerging autonomous microsystem applications.  Initial modeling shows that miniaturizing high boost voltage converters could enable higher net efficiency in robotics at the gram-scale.  Therefore, this paper highlights progress in high voltage CMOS converter topologies, high performance air-core MEMS inductors, and novel work on nanoparticle-based passives (capacitors & inductors) using a fluidic self assembly delivery system.