Fall Seminar Series

We are introducing a Fall Seminar Series beginning Wednesday, October 17th, 11:45am-12:35pm in LAR 234 and continuing every other Wednesday during the fall semester. Speakers will be your fellow IMG colleagues, and participation will be an excellent way of getting to know everyone and the research that is being conducted within the group. These seminars will be similar in style to the ones held over the summer: conf. preparation talks, tutorials, panel discussions, students sharing their research, etc. Unlike the summer series, we are excited to announce that lunch will be provided; we do ask that people who eat respectfully stay and listen to their colleagues' presentations. While all presentations have been scheduled for the fall series, we hope that there will be an interest in continuing with a seminar series in the spring in which you will be able to sign up for in the future on a first come, first serve basis. Please direct any question or concerns to Alina.