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Interdisciplinary Microsystems Group
Weclome to the IMG Wiki!

The IMG Wiki

Welcome to the IMG Wiki, a place where IMG members catalog and share institutional knowledge. Because the IMG Wiki is a private collection, users must login to view it. If you are not an IMG member, you may return to the IMG Webpage.

Login Procedure for IMG Members

Sign-on to the IMG Webpage and Wiki are linked (this is known as "single sign-on"), but login must be done from the webpage. Direct login to the wiki does not work.

If you experience problems with the single sign-on...

  • First, logout of the IMG Webpage, login again, and revisit the wiki. (Often, the wiki login cookie expires before the webpage login cookie does.)

If that doesn't work...

  • Logout of the IMG Webpage
  • Clear your internet history (specifically, your cookies -- all of them)
  • Login to the IMG Webpage
  • Navigate to the IMG Wiki and you should now have access.
  • You should not need to perform this process again in the future. If you do, please contact imgweb-l@lists.ufl.edu and try to describe the circumstances.