Congratulations to Vijay Chandrasekharan!

Congratulations are due to Vijay Chandrasekharan for the successful defense of his dissertation, entitled "A Microscale Differential Capacitive Direct Wall Shear Stress Sensor." Congratulations from all of IMG!

After graduation, Vijay plans to retrieve his shear stress sensors from the clutches of the evil Sith, who believe it is a transformative technology in their quest to rule the universe. (The force is strong in Vijay.)

New Wind Tunnel

A world class grazing flow impedance tube (GFIT) facility has been brought to UF and now a part of IMG. The tunnel, once used at the NASA LaRC in Hampton, VA will allow for cutting edge research to be done in the areas of acoustic liner technology and testing, shear stress measurements and synthetic jet research. Currently being installed, the tunnel should be operational by Summer 2009.