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H. Sun, G. Fu, and H. Xie, "A MEMS accelerometer-based real-time motion-sensing module for urological diagnosis and treatment", Journal of Medical Engineering & Technology, vol. 37, issue 2, pp. 127 - 134, 02/2013.
H. Sun, K. Jia, X. Liu, G Z. Yan, Y-W. Hsu, and H. Xie, "A low temperature-dependence gain-boosting front-end amplifier for CMOS-MEMS gyroscopes", 2010 Ninth IEEE Sensors Conference (SENSORS 2010)2010 IEEE Sensors, Kona, HI, IEEE, pp. 1029 - 1032, 2010.
G-Y. Sun, Y. Sun, T. Nishida, and S. E. Thompson, "Hole mobility in silicon inversion layers: Stress and surface orientation", Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 102, pp. 084501-1–084501-7, JAN, 2007.
J. Sun, and H. Xie, "MEMS-Based Endoscopic Optical Coherence Tomography", International Journal of Optics, vol. 2011, no. 825629, 2011.
J. Sun, C. Duan, S. Samuelson, and H. Xie, "Design and Characterization of MEMS Based Optical Coherence Tomography Endoscopic Probe", Biomedical OpticsBiomedical Optics and 3-D Imaging, Miami, FloridaWashington, D.C., OSA, pp. BTu3A.79, 2012.
Q. Song, C. Moreno, F. Liu, and L. Cattafesta, "Quantitative schlieren measurements in a normal incidence acoustic impedance tube", The European Physical Journal - Special Topics, vol. 182, issue 1, pp. 113-124, 04/2010. Abstract
Q. Song, Y. Tian, and L. Cattafesta, "MIMO Feedback Control of Flow Separation", 45th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit, AIAA-2007-0109, Reno, NV, January, 2007.
B. P. Smarslok, D. Alexander, R. T. Haftka, L. Carraro, and D. Ginsbourger, "Separable Monte Carlo Simulation Applied to Laminated Composite Plates Reliability", 49th AIAA/ASCE/AHS/ASC Structures, Structural Dynamics, and Materials Conference, Schaumburg, IL, AIAA, 04/2008. Abstract
S. Shetye, I. Eskinazi, and D. P. Arnold, "Part-to-Part and Part-to-Substarte Magnetic Self-Assembly of Millimeter Scale Components with Angular Orientation", Tech. Dig. 22nd IEEE Int. Conf. MicroElectro Mechanical Systems (MEMS 2009), Sorrento, Italy, pp. 669-672, January, 2009. Abstract
S. Shetye, and D. P. Arnold, "Magnetic self-assembly of millimeter scale components", 2008 NSF CMMI Engineering Research and Innovation Conference, Knoxville, TN, 01/2008.
S. Shetye, I. Eskinazi, and D. P. Arnold, Magnetic self-assembly of chip-scale components, , Scottsdale, Arizona, 5th Int. Conf. and Exhibition on Device Packaging (IMAPS), 03/2009.
S. Shetye, I. Eskinazi, and D. P. Arnold, "Magnetic self-assembly with angular orientation and selective bonding", 2009 NSF CMMI Engineering Research and Innovation Conference, Honolulu, HI, 06/2009.
S. Shetye, J. Agashe, and D. P. Arnold, "Magnetic self-assembly of small parts", 2006 NSF Design, Service and Manufacturing Grantees and Research Conf., St. Louis, MO, JUN, 2006.
M. Sheplak, E. Spina, and C. McGinley, "Hot-Film Anemometry in Hypersonic Flow", 25th AIAA Fluid Dynamics Conference, AIAA Paper 94-2232, Colorado Springs, CO, June, 1994.
M. Sheplak, and J. Seiner, "A MEMS Microphone for Aeroacoustics Measurements", 37th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting & Exhibit, AIAA Paper 99-0606, Reno, NV, January, 1999.
M. Sheplak, E. Spina, and C. McGinley, "Progress in Hot-Film Anemometry for Hypersonic Flow", Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, vol. 13, no. 1, pp. 21-28, JUL, 1996. Abstract
M. Sheplak, E. Spina, C. McGinley, and M. Kegerise, "Dynamic Characterization of a Hot-Film Probe for Hypersonic Turbulence Measurements", 47th Annual Meeting of APS Division of Fluid Dynamics, Atlanta, GA, NOV, 1994.
M. Sheplak, L. Cattafesta, and T. Nishida, "MEMS Shear Stress Sensors: Promise and Progress", 24th AIAA Aerodynamic Measurement Technology and Ground Testing Conference, AIAA 2004-2606 (invited), Portland, OR, June, 2004.
M. Sheplak, and J. Dugundji, "Large Deflections of Clamped Circular Plates Under Tension and Transitions to Membrane Behavior", Thirteenth U.S. National Congress of Applied Mechanics, Gainesville, FL, JUN, 1998.
M. Sheplak, A. Padmanabhan, M. Schmidt, and K. Breuer, "Dynamic Calibration of a Shear-Stress Sensor Using Stokes Layer Excitation", 36th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting & Exhibit, AIAA Paper 98-0585, Reno, NV, January, 1998.
M. Sheplak, and E. Spina, "Control of High-Speed Impinging Jet Resonance", AIAA Journal, vol. 32, no. 8, pp. 1583-1588, JUL, 1994. Abstract
M. Sheplak, C. McGinley, and E. Spina, "A Microsensor Hot-Film Probe for Hypersonic Flow", 46th Annual Meeting of APS Division of Fluid Dynamics, Albuquerque, NM, NOV, 1993.
M. Sheplak, K. Breuer, and M. Schmidt, "A Silicon Micromachined Microphone for Aeroacoustics Measurements", 51st Annual Meeting of APS Division of Fluid Dynamics, Philadelphia, PA, NOV, 1998.